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Every seasoned guitarist understands that, beyond the guitar itself, there are external factors that influence one’s playing experience. One such often-overlooked factor is the type of chair you sit on during practice. Believe it or not, the right chair can make a world of difference to your technique, comfort, and posture. This lesson is from our Pick Up The Guitar – Guitar For Beginners! Course

Why is Chair Selection Important?

When you’re engrossed in playing, you might not notice the subtle ways a poor seating choice affects you. A wrong chair can lead to back pain, restrict hand movements, or even influence how you hold your guitar. With time, these factors can lead to bad posture, poor technique, and potential health issues.

Key Features of the Ideal Guitar Practice Chair:

  1. Straight Back: A chair with a straight back ensures that you maintain an upright posture. This not only prevents back issues but also positions the guitar correctly, especially if you’re playing classical guitar.
  2. No Arms: Chairs with arms can restrict your elbow movement, making it cumbersome to play certain chords or techniques. The absence of arms ensures freedom of movement.
  3. Feet on the Floor: It’s vital to have your feet flat on the floor to maintain balance and stability, especially during intense playing sessions. An appropriate chair height will ensure this.

Final Thoughts:

Selecting the right chair might seem trivial, but it’s an investment in your musical journey. Not only will it enhance your practice sessions, but it will also ensure that you play comfortably for longer periods, accelerating your learning curve. If you’re keen on deep diving into more guitar practice essentials, check out our extensive library for further insights and tutorials!

This lesson is from the Pick Up The Guitar: Beginners course at Simply Guitar

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