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In this week’s edition of “Thursday Night Guitar,” a livestream where I talk about guitar music every Thursday night, I’ll be covering “Life Is A Highway” by Rascal Flatts. This session promises to be both entertaining and educational, offering insights into the song’s robust guitar techniques and arrangements.

“Life Is A Highway” was originally penned and performed by Tom Cochrane in 1991, but it gained a fresh wave of popularity with Rascal Flatts’ version, featured in the 2006 Pixar movie “Cars.” The song resonates with themes of adventure and enduring spirit, delivered with an infectious rhythm and memorable lyrics. The Rascal Flatts cover is particularly noted for its modern country rock style, characterised by lively guitar riffs and harmonious vocals, which have made it a staple in their repertoire.

This lesson is from the Thursday Night Guitar: Weekly Livestream course at Simply Guitar

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