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Technical Certificate Level 2: Major and Minor Chords, Scales and Power Chords

Course Objectives:

Welcome to “Technical Certificate: Level 2”, a specialized course designed to elevate your guitar playing skills and musical understanding to a new level. This course aims to:

  • Develop your ability to play and transition smoothly between major and minor chords.
  • Enhance your skill in employing three-string power chords across various progressions.
  • Master essential scales that are fundamental for soloing and improvisation.
  • Equip you with the techniques to incorporate these elements into your playing, improving both your live performances and compositional abilities.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Chord Mastery: Be able to confidently play and transition between open major chords (C Major, F Major, G Major), open minor chords (Am7, Dm7, Em7), and explore the dynamic sounds of power chords with three-string voicings.
  2. Scale Proficiency: Gain proficiency in playing key scales such as C Minor Pentatonic, G Major, E Natural Minor, and G Minor Pentatonic, which are essential for improvisation and melody construction.
  3. Practical Application: Apply the chords and scales learned in practical playing scenarios, enhancing your musical expression and technical versatility.
  4. Technique Enhancement: Improve your finger positioning, strumming patterns, and overall fretboard navigation through structured exercises and interactive learning tools.

Instructional Methods:

This course employs a blend of comprehensive instructional methods to ensure a thorough understanding and skill development:

  • Interactive Tabs: Engage with interactive tablature that guides you through each lesson, providing real-time feedback and allowing you to learn at your own pace.
  • Live Finger Animations: Utilize live finger animations to visually master the movement and placement for scales and chords, enhancing your muscle memory and technical accuracy.
  • Step-by-Step Videos: Follow detailed video instructions that break down complex techniques into manageable steps, making learning easy and enjoyable.
  • Practice Exercises: Participate in a variety of exercises designed to drill the core concepts and techniques discussed in each module, ensuring retention and proficiency.

Join us in “Technical Certificate: Level 2” to advance your guitar skills and musical knowledge through structured learning and interactive tools. Whether you’re looking to improve your live performances, recording capabilities, or simply enhance your musical repertoire, this course is designed to get you there.

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