The CAGED system is a powerful tool for guitarists, offering a simple yet effective way to understand and navigate the fretboard. At Simply Guitar, we provide comprehensive lesson resources to help you master the five shapes of the CAGED system in Major, Minor, Dominant 7, Min7, Maj7, and m7b5 chords. These shapes are movable depending on the key, making them incredibly versatile for playing chords all over the neck.

Why Use Simply Guitar Lesson Resources for Learning Guitar as a Beginner?

Using Simply Guitar’s lesson resources ensures that you learn the proper fingering and techniques right from the start. We guide you through each shape, showing you exactly how to place your fingers for optimal sound and ease of movement. Here’s an example page of Major Shapes:

Understanding Intervals in the CAGED System

Intervals are the building blocks of chords and scales. At Simply Guitar, we don’t just teach you the shapes; we also explain the intervals that make up each chord. This deeper understanding allows you to see how chords are constructed and why they sound the way they do. Here’s an illustration of intervals within Minor CAGED shapes: