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This lesson is in standard tuning (EADGBE) and has not been pitch altered!

The minor pentatonic scale is the backbone of countless rock, blues, and pop solos. But to truly harness its power, one must become fluent in all its positions. At Simply Guitar, we’ve crafted the ultimate workout to guide you through each position, from 1-5, ensuring comprehensive mastery.

This workout, designed for both novices and seasoned guitarists, offers a structured approach. By systematically progressing through each position, you’ll build muscle memory, enhance finger dexterity, and enrich your improvisation skills.

Each position has its charm, with distinct note placements that contribute to the scale’s versatile sonic palette. The culmination of mastering all five positions means that the entirety of the fretboard becomes your playground.

Looking for a visual aid? Our recent YouTube lesson provides a step-by-step playthrough of this workout, helping visual learners grasp each position’s nuances.

Further elevate your pentatonic prowess with our Pentatonic Passion Course. Comprehensive, insightful, and meticulously designed, it’s the bridge to your improvisation dreams.

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Join the ranks of guitarists who move seamlessly across the fretboard, making music that resonates, captivates, and inspires. Your pentatonic journey awaits!


This lesson is from the Pentatonic Passion: Beginners Improvising course at Simply Guitar

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