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The minor pentatonic scale, with its mesmerising tones and patterns, is an ever-evolving journey for guitarists. As we tread deeper into this musical odyssey with Simply Guitar, the third position emerges, beckoning with its unique charm.

Distinguished from its predecessors, the third position offers a fresh perspective on the minor pentatonic soundscape. Played in quavers, the journey through this section, ascending and then gracefully descending, is a true testament to the scale’s versatility.

One might wonder, why delve into the third position? Apart from the sheer pleasure of mastering a new section, this position serves as a bridge, linking the foundational tones of the earlier positions with the more advanced ones that follow.

Navigating this new terrain may present its challenges, but the rewards are manifold. It broadens your melodic range, making improvisations richer and performances more dynamic.

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This lesson is from the Pentatonic Passion: Beginners Improvising course at Simply Guitar

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