🎵 Navigating the Minor Pentatonic Scale is a journey many guitarists embark on, aiming to elevate their melodic expressions. Our Pentatonic Passion course is an extensive guide through this journey. For a more tailored learning curve, schedule a private session with our tutors.

Today, we venture into the fourth position. Different from its predecessors, this position starts from the perfect 5th. Recognised in countless iconic riffs and solos, it’s a testament to the scale’s versatility. Guitarists such as Jimmy Page and Slash have frequently employed this position to craft memorable lines.

But, why is the fourth position so cherished? We can find it resting under our ‘A Shape’ of the Key we are in, so for example if we were in the key of E Minor we can find it resting under the E Minor chord starting on the 7th fret ie. 7-9-9-8-7.


Venturing into the depths of the Minor Pentatonic Scale reveals nuances and techniques that can redefine a guitarist’s style. As we explore each position, the potential for richer melodies and diverse riffs expands. Challenge yourself to master this position and see how it transforms your playing.