Unlock the world of blues, rock, and soul with the minor pentatonic scale! At Simply Guitar, we’re excited to introduce our playthrough exercise, focusing on the first position of this iconic scale. Played in quavers, this exercise provides an immersive experience both ascending and descending.

How to Nail the Minor Pentatonic First Position:

  1. Begin with Focus: The minor pentatonic scale, though simple, forms the foundation for countless solos and riffs. Pay close attention to your finger placements.
  2. Feel the Rhythm: Played in quavers, ensure each note resonates with clarity and intent.
  3. Climb & Descend: Master the ascent, then flip it to practise descending. This duality ensures holistic familiarity with the scale.

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Visual Learner? Check out our video playthrough on Simply Guitar’s YouTube channel. Let us guide you, note by note!

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