The Minor Pentatonic Scale has been a foundational tool for guitarists across genres. In this post, we’ll focus on its fifth position. To fully understand this scale, consider checking out our Pentatonic Passion course. If you need more direct guidance, our private lessons are available.

The Minor Pentatonic Scale is essential for many guitarists, with legends like Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page frequently using it in their music.

The fifth position begins on the b7 note of the scale. Its formula is: R, b3, 4, 5, b7.

Understanding this position can lead to more varied and expressive playing. It provides a bridge between other scale positions, allowing for smooth transitions and richer improvisation. We find it just to the left of the first position. This means we have a continuous order of our five positions that repeats endlessly!


Learning the fifth position of the Minor Pentatonic Scale is another step in enhancing your guitar skills. By mastering this and other positions, you can produce more engaging and dynamic music.