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The blues, in all its soulful glory, is a journey of tones, moods, and emotions. As we step into the third position of the Minor Blues Scale, we’re delving deeper into the heart of the blues, where every interval sings a unique story.

🎵 The Intervals of the Third Position:

  • R (Root): The foundation. It’s where our blues tale begins.
  • b3 (Flat Third): The soulful twist. It brings the bluesy, melancholic touch.
  • 4 (Perfect Fourth): The balance. It grounds our scale and offers a sonic breather.
  • 5 (Perfect Fifth): The power. It’s the backbone of many iconic blues riffs.
  • b7 (Flat Seventh): A touch of tension. It adds a hint of anticipation and desire for resolution.

🎶 Explore the Third Position in Depth

For those eager to harness the true power of these intervals in improvisation, our Beginner’s Improvising Course is a treasure trove of insights, techniques, and guidance.

How are you feeling about this third position? Have you found a favourite interval or note that resonates with you? Share your blues journey, discoveries, and questions in the comments below.

Keep your blues deep and your passion for the guitar burning. Until our next musical exploration, happy strumming! 🎵