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Hey to all our Simply Guitarists! 🎸

Navigating the fretboard can feel like an exploration, and today we’re diving deeper into the blues with the fourth position of the Minor Blues Scale. As we venture higher up the fretboard, each position reveals a fresh palette of sounds, with the fourth offering its own unique resonance.

🎶 Watch the Fourth Position Breakdown

Intrigued? Ready to add another dimension to your blues playing? We’ve detailed this position in an in-depth lesson, complete with every nuance, tip, and trick to make it sing.

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Your journey with the blues is like a novel, with each scale position adding a new chapter. Dive into the comments and let’s discuss your experiences, challenges, and any eureka moments!

Keep those fingers nimble and the blues deep. Until our next musical rendezvous, happy playing! 🎵

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