Ready to rock the holidays with an ’80s classic? “Last Christmas” by Wham! is not only an iconic yuletide anthem but also an excellent song for beginners looking to expand their guitar-playing festivities. With just a handful of easy chords and a repetitive progression, you’ll be able to learn this holiday hit in no time!

Standard Tuning and Simple Chords

First up, make sure your guitar is tuned to standard (E A D G B e). This song uses a series of beginner-friendly chords that repeat throughout, making it an accessible practice piece for new players.

The Magic of “Last Christmas”

The beauty of “Last Christmas” lies in its simplicity. The chord progression is straightforward and repetitive, which means once you’ve got it down, you can play the whole song seamlessly. Plus, the tempo is moderate, perfect for those just getting comfortable with changing chords.

Video Lessons Breakdown

Our video tutorials are designed to make your learning process as easy as possible:

  • Clear Chord Diagrams: Each chord is displayed on the screen, so you know exactly where to place your fingers.
  • Strumming Pattern Guidance: We’ll walk you through the strumming pattern that you can apply to the whole song.
  • Practice Along Feature: The video includes on-screen lyrics and chord changes in real-time, so you can play along.

Tips for Practice

Don’t worry about getting it perfect on your first try. Focus on the chord changes and keeping a steady rhythm. Use the video’s slow-down function to play along at a pace that’s comfortable for you.

By the end of this lesson, “Last Christmas” will be a memorable addition to your holiday guitar repertoire. Whether you’re playing for friends, family, or a festive solo session, enjoy the process and the holiday cheer your music brings.