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Learning to play the guitar is not just about mastering chords and scales; it’s about cultivating a deep and enduring passion for music. One of the keys to staying motivated and continually improving your guitar skills is finding inspiration. In this lesson, we’ll explore the importance of surrounding yourself with musical things and incorporating daily music listening into your routine as ways to ignite your creative spirit and enhance your guitar practice. This lesson is from our  Beginners Guitar Course!

The Power of Inspiration

Why is inspiration so vital in your guitar journey?

1. Motivation:

Inspiration acts as a powerful motivator. When you’re inspired, you’re more likely to pick up your guitar and practice regularly. It fuels your drive to progress and excel in your musical endeavours.

2. Creativity:

Inspiration sparks creativity. It encourages you to explore new techniques, experiment with different styles, and compose your music. By immersing yourself in a musical environment, you open doors to endless creative possibilities.

3. Connection:

Surrounding yourself with music fosters a deeper connection to the art form. It allows you to appreciate the nuances, emotions, and stories within music, making your guitar practice more meaningful and enjoyable.

Creating a Musical Oasis

Here are some practical tips for infusing your practice space with musical inspiration:

1. Display Your Instruments:

Keep your guitars and other musical instruments in plain sight. Hanging them on the wall or placing them on stands not only makes them easily accessible but also serves as a constant reminder of your passion for music.

2. Music Memorabilia:

Decorate your practice space with posters, album covers, or artwork featuring your favorite musicians or bands. Surrounding yourself with images of musical icons can be inspiring and motivating.

3. Music Library:

Create a dedicated music library or shelf filled with your favorite albums, sheet music, and books about music theory or guitar technique. Having these resources at hand encourages exploration and learning.

4. Inspirational Quotes:

Frame and display inspirational quotes about music, creativity, and perseverance. These reminders can help you stay focused and motivated during practice.

5. Personal Memorabilia:

Include personal memorabilia related to your musical journey, such as concert ticket stubs, photos from live shows, or notes from guitar lessons. These mementos can evoke memories and boost your passion.

Daily Music Listening

In addition to surrounding yourself with musical elements in your practice space, make daily music listening a part of your routine:

1. Diverse Playlist:

Create a diverse playlist that includes a wide range of musical genres and styles. This exposes you to different guitar techniques and musical expressions, broadening your horizons.

2. Active Listening:

When you listen to music, do so actively. Pay attention to the guitar parts, the rhythm, the lyrics, and the emotions conveyed. Analyse the music you love, and try to incorporate elements of it into your playing.

3. Discover New Music:

Regularly explore new music to keep your ears fresh and your inspiration flowing. Seek out artists and genres you haven’t explored before, and you may stumble upon new sources of inspiration.

4. Music Appreciation Time:

Set aside dedicated time for music appreciation, where you can simply listen and immerse yourself in the art form. This can be a peaceful and meditative experience that rejuvenates your love for music.

In conclusion, finding inspiration is essential for your guitar practice journey. By creating a musical oasis in your practice space and incorporating daily music listening into your routine, you can ignite your creative spirit, stay motivated, and continue to grow as a guitarist. Remember that inspiration can be found in the music you love, the artists who inspire you, and the stories behind the songs. Let it guide you on your path to musical excellence.

This lesson is from the Pick Up The Guitar: Beginners course at Simply Guitar

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