Mastering the guitar demands more than just playing – understanding its components is equally crucial. One fundamental aspect is knowing your guitar string names. Let’s simplify it with a catchy rhyme!

The Guitar String Rhyme: “Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears”

Each word corresponds to a guitar string, from the thickest string to the thinnest:

  • E for Elephants (E – 6th string)
  • A for And (A – 5th string)
  • D for Donkeys (D – 4th string)
  • G for Grow (G – 3rd string)
  • B for Big (B – 2nd string)
  • E for Ears (E – 1st string)

Having a rhyme simplifies the process of recalling the strings. Plus, it’s fun! As you embark on your guitar journey, keep this rhyme close and never fumble on string names again. Dive deeper into guitar insights and lessons in our library or check out our Beginner’s Guitar Course.