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  • 15 AC/DC Riffs with TABS
  • Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus
  • How’s It Going to Be by Third Eye Blind
  • Ghost town by The Specials
  • 15 Famous Riffs with tabs
  • The Hendrix Chord
  • How to improvise in any key
  • How to play perfect guitar bends
  • Silent Night for Beginners
  • Last Christmas – Wham
  • Jingle Bells for Beginners
  • First Position of the Minor Blues Scale: Blues Journey Begins
  • Second Position of the Minor Blues Scale: Moving up!
  • Third Position of the Minor Blues Scale: Discovering the Intervals
  • Fifth Position of the Minor Blues Scale: A Guide
  • Discovering the Guitar: Minor Blues Scale – Fourth Position
  • The Ultimate Minor Pentatonic Workout: Mastering Positions 1-5
  • Ascending and Descending: The Fourth Position Minor Pentatonic
  • Dive Deeper: Minor Pentatonic Second Position Playthrough
  • Master the Minor Pentatonic: First Position Playthrough Exercise

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