Learning guitar chords is the foundation of your musical journey. At Simply Guitar, we focus on the essential chords every beginner should know to kickstart their playing. In this lesson, we’ll cover F Major, G Major, C Major, A Major, D Major, E Major, A Minor, D Minor, and E Minor. These chords are vital for playing a wide variety of songs and will form the basis of your guitar skills. You can download a copy of the lesson resource by clicking here.

Why use Simply Guitar lesson resources for learning guitar as a beginner?

At Simply Guitar, we ensure you learn the correct fingering for each chord. Proper finger placement is crucial for clear sound and smooth transitions between chords. Here’s an example of how we show proper fingering:

But it’s not just about placing your fingers correctly. Understanding the intervals within the chords helps you grasp the structure of music and improves your playing. Here’s a visual guide to the intervals for each chord: