n this video, we explore the essential concept of blues turnarounds. With nine examples and accompanying TABS, you’ll learn various turnaround patterns that will elevate your blues improvisation and composition skills.

0:00 Welcome

0:31 What is a Turnaround

1:24 Types of Turnaround

2:31 Lick 1 (Key of E)

2:43 Lick 2 (Key of E)

2:56 Lick 3 (Key of E)

3:09 Lick 4 (Key of E)

3:32 Lick 5 (Key of A, Movable)

3:34 Lick 6 (Key of A, Movable)

3:47 Lick 7 (Key of A, Movable)

4:01 Lick 8 (Key of A, Movable)

4:17 Lick 9 Improv Ideas (Key of A, Movable)

📝 TABS are provided for each example, making it easy to follow along and practice at your own pace.

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