I’m thrilled to present my latest video showcasing seven iconic Rolling Stones riffs, complete with tabs. These legendary riffs capture the essence of rock and roll, offering a perfect blend of rhythm and lead guitar parts that define the Stones’ sound. In this video, you’ll find detailed breakdowns of each riff, ensuring you can play along and master these classics with ease.

Detailed Riff Breakdown

The video provides a comprehensive breakdown of seven memorable Rolling Stones riffs. Each riff has been meticulously transcribed, capturing the unique style and flair of the Stones’ guitar work. You’ll find riffs from hits like “Satisfaction,” “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” and “Brown Sugar,” among others. Each riff is presented with clarity, focusing on the intricate details that make these songs timeless.

Tabs Available for Download

To facilitate your learning process, tabs for each riff are available for download. These tabs are provided in both standard notation and tablature, making them accessible for guitarists of all skill levels. By logging into the learning platform, you can easily download these tabs and practice offline at your convenience.

Interactive Learning with Guitar Pro Files

For those who prefer a more interactive approach, Guitar Pro files for each riff are also available. These files offer a dynamic learning experience, allowing you to see and hear the riffs as you practice. The Guitar Pro files include playback features, making it easier to follow along and ensure accuracy. Simply log into the learning platform to access these files and enhance your practice sessions.

Slow Down and Practice

The video includes a slow-down feature, allowing you to practice each riff at a comfortable pace. This feature is particularly useful for mastering the more complex parts of the riffs, ensuring you can play them accurately. By adjusting the speed, you can gradually increase your playing tempo, building confidence and precision.

Accessing the Learning Platform

To access the downloadable tabs and Guitar Pro files, log into the learning platform. If you’re not yet a member, signing up is quick and provides access to a wealth of resources for learning guitar. Once logged in, navigate to the “7 Rolling Stones Riffs” video page to find the download links for the tabs and Guitar Pro files.


Exploring the riffs of the Rolling Stones is a journey through rock and roll history. This video, complete with downloadable tabs and Guitar Pro files, offers everything you need to master these iconic riffs. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced guitarist, this resource is designed to enhance your playing skills. Log in to the learning platform today, download the tabs, and start rocking with the Rolling Stones! Happy playing!

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