Guitar Repair & Services of Luthier Philip Brown


Price List

Note: No work will be undertaken until your free estimate has been given and agreed with you.


Set Up

Includes adjustment of truss rod, bridge saddles, nut slots, intonation, clean and oil fingerboard, polish frets,

electrical functional check, set pickup height, lubricate all moving parts, adjusting machine head tensions,

clean & polish.

  • £52.00 acoustic or electric six string (Plus £20.00 for 12 string)

Fret Dress plus set up

  • Level frets, re-profile fret crowns, polish frets including full set-up from £85.00


Refretting including fret dressing and set up

Remove existing frets, fit new frets of required profile including full fret dress and set-up

Partial from £90.00

Full from £165.00

Fitting volume and/or tone pots and jack sockets

From £21.00 plus parts

Fitting new nut/acoustic bridge

Includes filing string slots etc. 

From £30.00


Rewire or install pickups

From £38.00