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Online Lesson Terms 2023-2024

Before booking lessons with Simply Guitar it is important that you agree to our terms.

Updated 1st Aug 2023


Guitar Lesson Agreement between Simply Guitar and _ 


This agreement outlines the terms and conditions for students participating in regular [Online Guitar Lessons] with Simply Guitar. By enrolling in our online guitar lessons, you agree to the following:


Payment for your guitar lessons is via monthly direct debit

Flex Membership (30 minutes) = £24.61 per lesson billed £49.95 p/m (ad-hoc online booking)

Standard Membership (30 Minutes) = £24.61 per lesson billed £77.95 p/m (regular time slot)

Standard Membership (60 Minutes) = £48.93 per lesson billed £154.95 p/m (regular time slot)


Lesson Schedule

Flex Membership students will be provided [2] lessons for each calendar month they are billed.

Standard Membership Students will be provided with [38] lessons over the duration of the year.

The start and end dates of the year are as follows: [04/SEP/23] to [24/JUL/24].


Fee Schedule

Payment for lessons will be due on 1st day of the month via DD. We bill over 12 months which means if you complete the entire school year you will be billed in August (when no lessons take place). If you prefer to pay over 11 months with slightly higher monthly cost or for August in advance (same total cost) we can accommodate. If you are joining part way through the year, this will be noted and adjusted to reflect this with an extra balancing payment requested if necessary. If this is the case, a full breakdown will be sent to you at the time.


Rearranging Zoom Lessons

As a special benefit exclusive to our online students, you have the option to rearrange your online lessons for planned absences by logging into your account and accessing the 'My Bookings' section. To ensure fairness and allow other students to book available slots, we request that you submit your rearrangement request no less than [1 week] before your scheduled lesson. This option is designed for occasions when you know in advance about your absence and need to reschedule your lesson. You must rearrange your lesson at the time of cancelation (ie. 'accumulating' lessons is not permitted). If no suitable lesson time works for you then the lesson is forfeited.


Missed Lessons

Unless the teacher is absent, all missed lessons will be charged for. Lessons will not be refunded or rearranged in the case of short-term illness, school trips or planned/unplanned absence (including non-emergency closures with less that 48 hours’ notice).


Teacher Absence

Should one of our teachers not be able to take a lesson a suitable cover teacher will be provided who will be notified of current material. If we can’t find one due to time constraints we will rearrange at a time suitable with you directly. If your tutor can't find a time at that moment, a credit will be given for you to book at your convenience.


School Holidays: Lessons will not be conducted during the following school holidays:



MAY HALF TERM (1 week)





Lesson Materials: Students are required to have their own guitar, books and any necessary accessories, such as picks or capos, at each lesson. Extra lesson materials and resources will be provided by the instructor online on the Simply Guitar LMS and will be communicated by your tutor.


Parental Communication: Parents will be kept informed of their child's progress throughout the term. Periodic updates may be provided via email or other agreed-upon communication methods.


Conduct and Behaviour: Students are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner during lessons. Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated on any level.


Lesson Termination Policy: In the event of a student wishing to leave Simply Guitar require a full terms notice by email to This must be received within the first two weeks of the beginning of term. Lessons will then cease at the end of that term.


After we receive your notice, we will schedule your final payment before cancelling the subscription. Because the payments are taken as equal monthly amounts throughout the year there may be unused lessons which you can use up before you leave us or a payment due if you have had more lessons than paid for. We will request a payment then close the subscription.


By participating in our online guitar lessons, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this agreement. Simply Guitar is committed to providing an enjoyable and enriching musical journey for all students.


Please sign and return a copy of this agreement to confirm your enrolment in our online guitar lessons.

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