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Learning guitar at school can also provide a structured and supportive environment for students to learn and grow. Whether they are taking individual or group lessons, students can benefit from the guidance and expertise of experienced instructors who can help them achieve their goals

How do the lessons work?2023-02-25T10:13:05+00:00

We do group lessons or 1-2-1 lessons at this school. They take place during the school day and we rotate the lessons so the kids don’t miss the same lesson each week. We follow the school term dates!

How much are the lessons and how do I pay?2023-02-25T10:15:10+00:00

1-2-1 Lessons (30 Minutes) – £30 per lesson

1-2-1 Lessons (20 Minutes) – £20 per lesson

Group Lessons (30 Minutes, 3 in a group) – £10 per lesson

Every student gets a free trial lesson, following this we bill in advance of the half term starting.

What happens if we miss a lesson?2023-02-25T10:52:23+00:00

If a student misses a lesson due to illness or a school trip, the lesson is not refunded or rescheduled.

In the unlikely event of a teacher absence we will rearrange the lessons for all students and come in on a different day.

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